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Rodionex™ Neck Massager

Rodionex™ Neck Massager

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐4.7/5 Rated by 9,584 Customers

Relieve chronic neck, shoulder, back pain, & headaches, and prevent further injuries by naturally restoring your neck’s healthy curvature.

✅Natural pain relief (no harsh painkillers)

✅Permanently restore your neck curve

✅Avoid expensive chiropractor bills

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Samantha F. ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

"I’ve had neck pain for a very long time. After using this for about 7 days, the pain was GONE. This is a winner!"

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eliminate agonizing neck pain at home

Years of hard work, prolonged sitting, & bad posture apply damaging tension to our vertebrae, forcing them to collapse, which deteriorates the healthy curve in our neck. This causes our neck discs to press on nearby nerves, leading to that excruciating pain in your neck, lower back, buttocks, and down your leg/s.

Using the Rodionex Neck Massager for just 15 minutes a day progressively solves the root cause of your discomfort by gently stretching your neck back into its natural position & decompressing your vertebrae.

This releases painful, trapped nerves from under the pressure of herniated discs, leaving you with a healthy neck & a smile on your face. Forever.

Permanently fix chronic neck pain

Our Rodionex Massager and Stretcher is being called "the iPhone of neck traction devices" because of its next generation technology, effectiveness, and overall sleek design. 

Using the power of Cervical Traction Technology and Heated Massage Therapy, the Rodionex forces your neck into the perfect angle through heated pulses and works on undoing the years of damage.

You will feel a deep sigh of instant pain relief the moment you click "on".

And with just 15 minutes of daily use, over time your neck curve will be completely restored. 

By wearing the Rodionex for several weeks, you'll be well on your way to feeling like the kid you once were - with a perfectly healthy neck.

Address the root cause of your pain

You’ve probably tried several other neck pain solutions that promise the world and fail to deliver.

Painkillers are harmful, and they just mask the symptoms. Chiropractors charge you $160-500 per appointment, and when you stop going - the pain comes back.

The Rodionex™ Massager and Stretcher uses cervical traction to gently decompress your cervical discs at an optimal 26° angle, helping your tight spine relax, decompress, heal, and relieve the pressure that's built up over the years from your irritated nerves.Using the Rodionex™ for at least 5-7 days helps your neck discs heal naturally. It relieves the pain, restores neck's mobility, improves the bloodflow, and fixes damaged spinal structures and muscles for good.

How It Works

1. STEP ONE: Fasten the NeckFixer Pro on your neck

2. STEP TWO: Long press the power button to enter auto mode.

3. STEP THREE: Short press the button to tweak the mode and intensity.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Rodionex Safe?

We've sold to countless of medical professionals around the world. The Rodionex offers the age-old technique known as cervical traction but in a modernized form so you can automatically perform it at home without the need of expensive chiropractors.

Will it restore my neck curvature?

Yes! That is precisely why this Doctor-designed medical machine was created. Research shows that diminished neck curves is the underlying reason behind most neck pains, so the Rodionex was invented to permanently restore your neck curve in order to wipe out all of your neck related troubles. 

Will it hurt if I have a bulging or herniated disk?

No. Rest assured, our cervical traction device is designed to provide gentle relief for neck pain, even for those with bulging or herniated discs. By creating space between the vertebrae, it reduces compression on nerves and discs, promoting relaxation of muscles and allowing the body to naturally heal.

Will it correct my forward neck posture?

Yes! Forward head posture is directly correlated with having a diminished neck curve. This usually happens from thousands of hours spent staring down at screens and smart phones. The Rodionex works to undo the years of damage by positioning your head directly above your shoulders again.

How long should I use the Rodionex?

To experience the benefits, all you need are two 15 minute sessions daily. Once your symptoms have been eliminated, you can reduce the frequency as you see fit in order to maintain your restored neck health. 

What if it doesn't work for me?

Rodionex comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee because we're extremely confident it'll offer you relief from neck pain. If you're not fully satisfied, we'll return your money.